March 9, 2016

For those familiar with our team that strange correspondence means the perfect team’ proportions: 27 men and 9 ladies.
27 lucky guys and 9 even luckier women. Having intentions to congratulate the dear ones 27 men bravely have faced all tortures of origami art and started our International women’s day celebration with hand-made flowers that will survive even the Day of the Rapture.  

Kidding. But the quality is outstanding though.        
They have rhymed their congratulations to us. They were singing theirs hearts out like it’s not them who were working the whole day. They threw a girlish dance competition that made us all laugh out load like we were never the girls who hesitated before bursting into dancing.
Each ADCI woman was presented with beauty shop gift certificate and musical perfomance.  No surprise, we ended up singing to the acoustic guitar and ukulele.

We’re not only proud to work for ADCI. We’re genuinely happy!

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