Global Training Day 7

Drupal adoption through the GTD conference

Drupal adoption through the GTD conference

Last weekend the ADCI Solutions team held Drupal Global Training Day. You know, it is a great event for all Drupal lovers and newcomers. We are really glad to notice that a number of participants keeps growing: this time there were 116! GTD is a terrific opportunity to tell about Drupal, boost the Drupal adoption, and teach new people to use this CMS.

We did it at the 7th time and decided to share our expertise in this blog post. If you want to get a few tips and tricks on holding GTD, carry on reading.

There were 116 participants at GTD #7
There were 116 participants at GTD #7

The 7th GTD was a two-day conference where we provided attendees with both theory and practical tasks. The first day was full of reports during which we told about Drupal and web development. There were sessions on working with and within a web team and what roles we have there, what is back-end as well as front-end development, we spoke about soft skills and how they can be improved.  

On the second day, there was a Drupal workshop. All participants tried themselves in Drupal website building and custom module creation. We explained all aspects of Drupal development and everybody managed to do the tasks.

The second day of GTD was full of practical tasks
The second day of GTD was full of practical tasks

But there is one more point. What for we do all of it? We will list the main reasons for holding such an event.

Firstly, an educational conference helps to grow professionals. You can train your future employee or find somebody who will satisfy all your work demands.

Secondly, it will help you in building and developing your HR brand. Web developers and newcomers will know your company as a highly attractive place for work. It guarantees a constant flow of great staff to you.

Thirdly, Drupal Global Training Day is an amazing possibility to tell people about the Drupal CMS, show them its advantages, and explain how to work with this technology. We boost the Drupal adoption and increase the awareness of this brand. What’s even better, we see the result of our efforts: the beginners’ interest in Drupal.

Finally, we can pass on the tips and tricks which will help you to organize GTD in your country. Some of them can be obvious but they are essential.

  1. Get in touch with other GTD organizers. They can provide you with advice, info, and even some documentation which will help you to hold GTD.

  2. If there is an active Drupal community in your country, find Drupal enthusiasts who are ready to tell about their expertise at GTD.  

  3. Ask your team members if they want to prepare a report.

  4. When you choose speakers and report’s topics, don’t forget about the knowledge level of your attendees. For example, if they are beginners, don’t tell them about Headless Drupal, it is too complicated.

  5. Invite participants who are interested in web development and the Drupal CMS. It can be students of a computer department.

  6. Don’t hold more than 4-5 reports. It will be awesome if you find so many speakers but you should remember that it is hard to absorb a lot of information in a single shot.

  7. Make a coffee-break. It will help your attendees to understand all reports better and discuss them with each other.

  8. If you want to teach your attendees some practical aspects, try to organize such a workshop for them the next day.

Now you know everything: what our GTD 7 was like, why we (and other companies) do it, and even learn tips on holding your own event.

We wish you good luck! 

Check the photos in the gallery below.

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