October 6, 2016

HappyDev-Lite is an orientation conference for wannabe-developers and freshmen. Twice a year Omsk IT-companies present themselves at so-called career fair and send off their speakers to hold a session.

That time on the Design day of the conference (October, 1) the speakers from ADCI Solutions were Tanya and Nastya: Tanya introduced the typical development process in IT-company and told with whom a web-designer works at every development stage. Nastya complemented that session with an elaborate talk on what exactly web-designer coulddo in IT-team.
The Development day - October, 2 -  was accompanied by Marina's session on Omsk IT-communities. Interesting fact: by the time of her perfomance Marina already was on the other side of the Earth, but her video lection had a success anyway. The process of the video recording was worth attention, too. 

And what about fun? We brought the lama mask, swag items and Instagram frame - and the next we saw were dozens of lamas taking pics in the insta-frame. Well done, sweet lamas: we got almost 50 mentions on the Instagram and Vkontakte (a Russian social network) altogether. Moreover, the guys brought the huge basket of apples for our lama to whom we presented it on Monday. We also hold a little lucky draw which gave us more than 120 people on social networks and a Google CardBoard - to the winner.

HappyDev-Lite has showed its participants: there're companies willing to teach and employ and there're motivated students who can grow into outstanding developers. No doubts, these Siberian boys and girls will amaze you with their projects. And some of these developers will be from ADCI Solutions ;)

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