How we made it to DrupalCon Baltimore and got the most of it

In September 2015 Marina Paych (now a Head of Organizational Development at ADCI Solutions) implemented an inner bonus award system in the company. We would never have thought back then that it would be her first step to DrupalCon Baltimore 2017 and becoming its speaker.

A year later after being granted with tickets to DrupalCon conference Marina proposed several topics to DrupalCon Baltimore committee. One of the topics - Value-based team management - was approved for “Being Human” track! That was a special moment for our team: Marina gained a chance to share her experience and the whole company was just happy to take part in such an important Drupal event. ADCI Solutions is a featured Drupal services provider and a Drupal Association Supporting Partner, so it’s essential for us - to contribute to this amazing community.

One more surprise was waiting ahead: our senior developer Artyom was encouraged with an opportunity to hold a Birds of a Feather presentation. And that’s what we did. Artyom successfully delivered a speech on the Bibliography and Citation module for Drupal 8. This track was attended by famous universities representatives and even a NASA web wrangler.

Sessions and panels. It goes without saying: they were delivered by seasoned professionals who taught us a lot during this week. 3271 attendees were attracted by DrupalCon program which was truly an astonishing one.  

That’s what we love the most about the Drupal Community in general and DrupalCon in particular. Everybody has a chance to contribute. Everybody has a chance to stand out and share her/his expertise. Everybody is a part of this big Drupal family and everybody feels it. The sense of belonging and new wonderful acquaintances are worth coming to DrupalCon across the half of the world.

Apply for becoming a speaker. Tell the Community about your contributions. Visit these incredible Drupal parties taking place among the museum’s dinosaurs. Take a pic with Dries already!

If you are open to new challenges today, you’ll see more awesome projects popping up tomorrow.

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