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10 Drupal modules for quizzes


We keep making compilations of the most useful (that point comes first) and popular tools for Drupal development and design.

We told you about 10 Drupal modules for easier communication with users, revealed what modules can increase your website performance, presented 10 Drupal corporate themes, and introduced many other helpful modules (see the links below).

In this short and sweet note, we’re going to expand on interaction with the website’s guests.

Quizzes and contests are the ways to improve a user activity and to grab the attention of even a rather passive user. We’ll tell about Drupal modules that work with Drupal 7, 8, and 9 enabling different widgets and voting feature/quizzes features. Enjoy Drupal quiz modules!


Webform is the most popular module in the Evaluation/Rating category. Create your own forms and contests! As soon as a user submits the form, an e-mail notification could be sent to the user or admins. That’s how the user being dragged back to the site and admins are staying aware of what’s happening.

Webform default fields

The Webform default fields module is used along with the Webform module. With this module, you can easily create nodes with the same web form fields. A pretty useful feature for job vacancies with a reply form.

You can also attach different default fields to different webform-enabled content types.


Use the Quiz module whenever you need graded assessments in Drupal. A quiz is presented in a series of questions. Question randomization, multiple attempts per user and different question types (true/false, scale, matching, drag, and drop, etc) are what you will love about this module.


This module complements the Quiz module with a Cloze question type. The cloze question type is when a word in a text is omitted on purpose.

The module suits you if you need to assess knowledge, make a quiz or competition or deliver any other activity connected with an assessment.

Quiz file upload

Do you think we’re done with the Quiz module? Not yet! Let us introduce you to another complementary module - Quiz file upload. It provides users with a cool option: now they’re allowed to upload a file as a response to a quiz question. That will definitely make the user’s experience brighter.

Ajax pool

This module lets users see the poll results without page reloading: only a block with the poll is to reload. It means no time wasted and more pleasant UX. This feature works for all website polls. The Ajax pool module complements the Poll module included in Drupal Core.


The H5P module made by a Norwegian company creates question sets, drag and drop questions, multiple-choice questions. Many more options are available.

What’s so great about this module? All the content is HTML5, which means a smooth performance on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Advanced poll 

The Advanced poll module partly duplicates The Poll module. This one provides multiple voting systems (Basic polls, Approval Voting, Borda Count, and Instant-Runoff Voting), decision-making tools, time and choice management options. With this cool module, you can schedule an opening and closing time for the polls and view each user's vote.

Poll blocks

The Poll blocks modules beat the Drupal Core Poll module again: whereas Poll provides just one block for the recent poll, this guy creates the block for all active polls.

Poll enhancements 

Want anonymous users to vote on polls? It’s possible with the Poll enhancements module. The great feature is that page caching could be enabled. Remember we were talking about getting the attention of even a passive user? It will work for anonymous ones as well! They are supposed to push the button and see results: no need to participate in a discussion or reveal oneself somehow else.

That’s it for this compilation! We hope you’ll find the module that suits exactly your needs and will keep reading our Drupal notes.

Keep calm and explore 36K+ Drupal modules with us.

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