10 free Drupal modules for integration with Social Media

Drupal modules for Social Media integration

Why you need social media integration

Social media integration is the important part of a convenient and user-friendly website. You should care about social networks, messengers, and content distribution.

A social network is a channel that shouldn’t be overlooked during a business development.  In fact, a social network is a place of your potential customers or partners’ dwelling. It is a tool to increase traffic to a website, spread your content, or build a company image. You might have read more details about a fast kicking off of the SMM process in the article “SMM starter pack, part 1: content management”.
It is important that a user can have an access to company’s social networks, especially through the site.

Social media integrations can make your site more captivating and user-friendly: sharing interesting information on a website, embedding the latest Instagram posts or a number of article’s likes on Facebook - there are plenty of features to implement.

No matter who you are: a plastic surgeon, a psychologist, an owner of an online store, or a real estate consultant - there should be an integration with social media on your site.

We have collected 10 Drupal modules which you can use on your current or future Drupal site. Welcome!

Instagram Block  

If you have a profile on Instagram, you should use this Drupal module. It integrates your website with your Instagram so site’s visitors see recent posts. You don’t need to send guests to an Instagram page.

Twitter Block

This module is an easy way to embed Tweets on your website in a compact, linear view. It allows administrators to create blocks with the latest tweets from a company’s profile. You may add the Twitter block to the website via the standard Drupal installation process.

YouTube Field

Do you have a YouTube channel? Post videos on your website with the YouTube Field module then. Don’t worry about the general look of the website: you can adjust video sizes.

Easy Social

Also, you don’t need to use various modules for different social networks. You may choose the Easy Social module. It provides a share button for such popular social networks as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Add this module and share your content easily without any mess in configurations.

Facebook Page Plugin

The Facebook Page Plugin is one of the most popular and functional modules for Drupal websites’ integration with social networks. Firstly, it gives a lot of possibilities for website’s users. They can read your recent posts on a website and put likes on them on a Facebook page without being redirected to it. Also, they may see how many users have already liked this page, and show who likes it among the user’s friends,  too. It makes your website more user-friendly and convenient. Secondly, for a Facebook page owner, it is a wonderful opportunity to attract and gain likes on their own websites.

10 free Drupal modules for integration with Social Media

10 free Drupal modules for integration with Social Media


This module is quite alike to the Easy Social module but it has features which made us add it to this list. At first, the Drupal ShareBar module lets you easily add a "floating" social media submission bar on your website. It means that when you scroll a page, share buttons will move along with content. At second, this module provides more networks which you can integrate with a website. If in the Easy Social module it was only Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus, here you can add any from this list:  

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Like and Share Buttons
  • Linkedin
  • Google +
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg
  • Dzone
  • DesignFloat
  • Email-to-friend option
  • Others at your own discretion

Add to any share button  

This is the third module in our list which provides the addition of share buttons. But, of course, the Add to any share button module deserves to be here. It has its own features:

  • It is customizable. You may choose a button from the standard module package or add your own variant. Also, you may change the color of a share menu.  
  • There is the Automatic Google Analytics integration and also you can track shared links with bit.ly, goo.gl, and custom URL shorteners.
  • Localization. The share menu has been translated into over 50 languages. Besides, menus are automatically localized based on user's browser/OS settings.

This Share button for Drupal includes the AddToAny universal share button, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and many more.

Tweetable Text  

One more convenient module for integration with Twitter. Just add it to your site and make a text tweetable just by clicking on a sentence or a phrase itself! Besides, you can include an alt tag in the shortcode if you want to change the text of a future tweet and add a hashtag in this tweet.

Bibliography & Citation - Altmetric

Using this module you can add Altmetric badges on your website. With the help of Altmetric, you can create a one-click access to the collated record of online attention where they can browse all of the original mentions and shares associated with it.

In other words, this module allows you to display the mention of your content on various social networks as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or at any different sites. Thus, you can show users the influence of your spread content.

Subscribe to the news about the Altmetric module on Twitter and find out about major and minor changes and resolved issues even faster: twitter.com/BibCite.


This module provides the integration of a website with Slack. It can help you bring all your communication in one place.

It allows sending messages from a Drupal website to Slack. It’s a real-time messaging, archiving, and search for modern teams. And it has cool system integrations features.


Choose suitable Drupal modules and improve your website and business. Let users share and like your content and social pages, increase the number of your followers or add the possibility of a real-time messaging.

Do you want to make your site more “social” already?

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