Drupal modules for ratings

Drupal modules for ratings

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The last time when we had a talk on Drupal modules we offered you a list of modules enabling different quizzes and questionnaires. Who can resist pushing a button anonymously? Right, no one! We are elaborating on the users’ involvement topic, and in this little guide we will show you several widgets for ratings. Besides increasing users’ activity, rating can be a source of insights for a content marketer or a digital manager.

Drupal modules for ratings-01

Voting API

Voting API is the king: in spite of the fact that it doesn’t provide any voting tools directly, it standardizes all voting data so that it can be used by other rating modules.

Voting API supports content rating, including multi-criteria voting, results caching and automatic tabulation of results.

Suitable for: Drupal 7, 8.


Fivestar is a popular module that adds a voting widget to nodes and comments. It’s easily configurable, from a variety of icons (flame, star, heart icons) and support for anonymous voters to a spam protection.

Suitable for: Drupal 7,8.


Another popular module for voting; Rate has more than 13 thousand installations! The following widgets are available for usage (on nodes and in comments): thumbs; thumbs up / down; number up / down; five-star; emotions; yes/no; slider and custom widgets. With the help of this module, you can see the total vote count / total points and average rating.

Suitable for: Drupal 7. The Drupal 8 version is under construction.

Star rating

This sweet and simple Star rating module works well without any additional modules. The Star rating module provides a star rating field and is perfect for creating several different star ratings with different icon type for each rating within a node.

Suitable for: Drupal 7.

Vote Up / Down

Let the Vote Up / Down module do the talking for you: it reflects users’ opinion with eloquent thumbs’ illustrations.

Suitable for: Drupal 7.

Like Butto

We especially love the Like Button module for the variety of implementation and themes that the module offers. You can add the Like Button feature to both content and comments and then sort your comments by the number of likes: it seems to be the great analytical tool for quick analysis. Other than that, users now can make donations with the help of this Module.

Suitable for: Drupal 7. The Drupal 8 version is under construction.

Is Useful

Is Useful is the module based on Voting API. This is what you need if you’re tired of complicated rating systems. This module adds “Was this useful?” question for entities. Choose the style that iTunes and Amazon are already using!

Suitable for: Drupal 7.

Instead of a conclusion, we’d love to give you a small riddle.

At the end of this article, you will find green stars that allow our guests to rate the articles on the website. Can you guess which module out of the list we are using?

We’ll give the answer in the next Drupal modules compilation. See you!

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