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Drupal modules for a university website

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University websites need rich functionality. Often, they consist of a lot of pages with different types of content. It can be some lists of students, courses, books, a schedule of university events, just news, or a long-form article.  We will present you the list of Drupal modules you can add to your university’s site and get advanced opportunities to manage users’ data. Here they are. 


This module is a core which has narrow functionality itself but it provides flexible building blocks and APIs to create a custom e-learning system. Besides, Opigno has a lot of additional modules and you may choose the most suitable set of them corresponding to your expectations and goals. It means that companies are allowed to build their own simple solutions reducing the time of their creation. 

If you want to test and evaluate the Opigno module you may use their profile which provides a basic configuration. You won’t need a broad working knowledge of the Drupal 7 system for checking it. 

Room Reservations

The Room Reservations module was developed specifically for universities’ websites which need to manage the access to their study rooms and the use of them.
You may set it up according to your requirements and put a reservation system together in a short time. 

Bibliography & Citation

Bibliography & Citation allows keeping, outputting, exporting, and importing bibliographic data. Also, it has related modules which expand the BibCite possibilities: 

Bibliography & Citation - Migrate - migrate your bibliographic data from the Bibliography (biblio) module.

Bibliography & Citation - Altmetric - adds the Altmetric badges to BibCite reference entities. It allows you to display the mentions of your content on various social networks or different sites.

Google Scholar - provides the number of meta tags to help with
indexing of scholarly content/articles in Google Scholar.

Subscribe to the Bibliography & Citation project on Twitter! Watch out for major and minor changes and resolved issues, meet organizations that use the project, learn about use cases and consult with us: twitter.com/BibCite.

User Progress API

The User progress API module was sponsored by the Pennsylvania State University. It has been developed for charting students’ progression throughout a system. 

In addition, this project provides views integration. It means that you can look through all collected data or export this information to any format you want. 


E-learning is one of the most suitable modules for online interactive courses for students. One of the features of the E-learning module is tracking all users’ results and answers. So, you will understand needs of the students better, and based on these results, you can make a personal offer or give them a detailed feedback more rapidly. 


With the help of the Certificate module, you may create and award PDF certificates. It has an interface for managing custom certificate templates and mappings. Besides, you may choose a particular criterion and this module will award students with certificates depending on those criteria. 

And one more feature is PDF outputting. 


This module allows creating online courses on your website. You may add any type of content and any number of graded or ungraded course objects. There is an opportunity to connect this module to the previous one to create a tokenized PDF certificates on a course completion.  


This module provides tools for authorizing and managing quizzes through Drupal. For example, you can use this module to create a test for students. All points will be stored in a database and you can look through them whenever you want. There are a lot of different question types which you can use. For instance, multiple choice, a short or a long answer, scale, etc. 

H5P - Create and Share Rich Content and Applications

If there is a large amount of content on your website, you definitely should look at this module. Using H5P, you will able to create interactive videos, question sets, presentations, flashcards, etc. 

You can create tasks or tests for students, add some video for watching, upload informative presentations and more. 


The Drupal CMS is great for university websites. It is very flexible and suitable for working with Big Data and a big amount of content. Find more common Drupal advantages here

You can add a lot of functionality and useful features to your site using these Drupal modules. As a result, it will become more convenient and user-friendly. 

It is worth saying, that most of them are appropriate only for Drupal 7. But don’t worry: if you need a module for a Drupal 8 website, we can update any of them to the last version of Drupal.

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