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Guess what it is: it is a mega technology used by half of Top 1 million websites by traffic; almost 80% of websites with recognizable back-end technology use it; it is the basis of popular CMS and CMF Drupal, WordPress, Symfony. Yes, it is PHP - a server-side scripting language. Our experienced PHP developers know all ins and outs of this powerful technology and are at your service.


Looking for specialists for custom website development?


Welcome! The custom PHP development service is usually requested either by owners of websites with a long and complicated history or development agencies that have an inquiry (from their clients) that need some special expertise. But be sure - whoever you’re - you’ll be serviced at the top-notch level.

But let’s dig into possible cases when you may be looking for a PHP developer. PHP development has many faces. What a PHP developer should have experience in? 

PHP is the basis of Drupal, WordPress, and Symfony. These open-source management systems and frameworks make web development much easier. But only a seasoned PHP website development company can make a change and let you enjoy all the possibilities that these systems provide.  

If your hands are tight by ready-made solutions, you might want to go for custom PHP development. Being a part of a powerful LAMP technology bundle - the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system, and the PHP programming language - you can create any web application that your business requires. 

What kind of websites can be created on PHP? Literally any. The famous technology research platform W3Techs lists PHP-based websites that include,,,, and many others.

Corporate and content platforms, social media and video conferencing services - got them all covered by PHP and professional development services.

Why сhoose ADCI Solutions for PHP development

If the words PHP, PHP-frameworks, Drupal, Symfony and WordPress are somewhat familiar to you, you might have had some previous experience with application development. Nevertheless, custom development is an area of work for a professional development company that has in-house developers with years of proven expertise.

The direct project, white-label or technical partnership - you’re welcome to handle it to ADCI Solutions.

  • PHP web development from idea to launch. If you have only designs or just an idea, we will help you elaborate it and turn it into a working and scalable website. We will also double-check if PHP can fulfill your idea better than other technologies.
  • Experience with legacy PHP code. ADCI Solutions team accepts not only projects from scratch but also old existing projects with a long story and messy code. We clean everything out or rewrite the application if the technical debt is too huge.
  • Experience with PHP-based CMSs and frameworks. Ready-made solutions allow speed up the development, so if you need a website within a few months or a proof of concept within several weeks of person-hours - our CMS web development services is the best choice.

How do we reach high results?

We have a long-term record of work with agencies and have an established process of getting to know a project and taking it over from another team. Working with us is easy, pleasant, and mutually beneficial, and software development with us gets you rid of many worries.

Let’s go over the common stages of custom PHP development.

  1. Onboarding. At the kickoff meeting, the sales manager briefs you about your website running by PHP in general, and your goals, requirements, budget and timeline restrictions in particular. Then the lead developer explores tech documentation, project aims, requirements. 
  2. Bug fixing and security updates. It’s not a surprise that when the client comes to us with a request for PHP development, it’s hardly ever work from scratch. Thus, before starting any feature development, we fix crucial bugs and make sure the website is secure. The initial website audit and, therefore, access to the website and codebase are required.
  3. Wireframes and design. If you consider implementing new features, wireframes and designs are necessary. Wireframing minimizes the risks of sudden layout and functionality changes at later stages. The elaborated design is essential for success.
  4. Website development. In most cases, it’s both back-end and front-end development. Sometimes, we can start front-end development almost simultaneously with the back end, so the project progresses much faster. Our client from the car scrapping company can confirm. 
  5. Testing, deployment and post-project support and maintenance conclude this list. Our team is always at your service whenever you have a design or development request. We keep an eye on what’s happening in the industry and suggest improvements and updates in a timely manner.

Why do our clients choose ADCI Solutions?

Whatever your project’s scale is, our development experts will provide top-notch consulting and make sure you have the vision of achieving your goals and scaling the project further. 

And the independent research agency Clutch proves our experience having placed us among top development teams.

2017: Top Web Developers in Russia - Clutch
2018: Top Web Developers in Russia - Clutch 
2019: Top Drupal Developers Worldwide - Clutch
2020: Top B2B providers in Russia - Clutch
2020: Top 1000 Companies - Clutch Global
2021: Top PHP Developers In Russia - The Manifest
2021: Top 100 React.js Developers in Russia - The Manifest
2021: Most reviewed web design companies in Russia - The Manifest
2021: Top 1000 Service Providers - Clutch


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