Front-end Development

Making a website fast, interactive, and appealing is a job of front-end development. Modern technologies allow to realize almost any interface solution

What the front end is

Unlike the back end that is responsible for how a website works under the hood, the front end is involved in what a user can see or interact with. In other words, front-end development delivers a fast, efficient, and engaging user experience across multiple devices: desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.

Our front-end development services:

  • Front-end Architecture - building a front-end architecture is highly crucial in the initial stages of project planning. This is the collaborative discussion of design, front-end and back-end teams that ends up in the most reasonable plan and technology stack
  • Theming - each website is unique, and the custom theme creation makes it easy to manage, convenient to use, and time- and money-savvy to develop; moreover, a custom theme shows off the best aspects of your website
  • Headless front-end development - a decoupled approach allows to separate front- and back-end development and process them simultaneously, which has 3 main advantages: saving time, cost-cutting, and using the best front-end technologies
  • Performance tuning - the overall performance of a website can be drastically speeded up if the functionality that renders on a client’s side is optimized; we improve the front-end part to guarantee the fastest and smoothest website performance
  • Front-end security - advanced users can hack and harm your website by injecting malicious code (XSS, SQL injection, etc); that’s why the front end we develop is secure and thought over from the beginning of work
  • User interface development - together with our design team, front-end developers come up with the interface solutions that grant a spectacular experience to users and reach the business goals of a client
  • Single-page applications (SPA) development - many website features require interactivity with a user without reloading the whole page. SPAs have many advantages: large development ecosystem with many convenient tools to implement complex and speedy interfaces. The examples of SPAs are mail clients, social networks, online polls, booking sites, etc.
  • Responsive layout - users access your website from all kinds of devices and it’s crucial to render it great on a desktop, tablet, mobile, etc. We usually start with planning the best displays for all needed screen resolutions

A smooth user experience is important for any modern website. Therefore we are very meticulous when it comes to the interface creation. Despite our front-end development expertise is powered up with the latest technologies, we are eager to adopt best approaches, which can be of more benefit for your project. Technologies we especially love:

  • Angular: turns your static HTML page into the expressive, lively, and quick to develop environment
  • React.js: easily creates interactive interfaces thanks to its component-based architecture
  • Vue.js: handles projects of any scale due to its minimal core with an incrementally adoptable stack
  • Node.js: provides event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O API to optimize a throughput and scalability for real-time web applications and to build the back-end UI layer with pure JavaScript

In case of doubts, we’ll gladly consult you on what technology will work best for your project.

Technology stack

  • Front end: JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, Twig, Pug, Sass, Less, Stylus, PostCSS, Bootstrap, npm, ES2015+, jQuery, Gulp, webpack
  • Backend: PHP, Drupal 7 / 8, Symfony, Wordpress, Node.js, Git, MySQL / MariaDB, Composer, RESTful
  • Server: nginx, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Solr, Vagrant, Docker
  • QA: BrowserStack, Selenium, PHPUnit, BackstopJS, Jasmine
  • Deployment: Capistrano, Deployer

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