Web development for agencies: outsourcing and outstaffing services

Sooner or later, many web development companies face the shortage of human resources. There are 2 types of companies: those who can delay projects’ start until they have a pair of hands and those who can’t help but have to find extra developers like right now. We are deeply jealous of the first group - they must have really engaged and loyal clients. But we are here to help out the guys from the second group. Are you interested? Read on if you are here to outsource web development projects.

Outsource it services

Confusing outsourcing and outstaffing may result in the lack of control or, vice versa, in micromanagement, the conflicts about roles and responsibilities, in the wrong team composition.

Let’s make it clear about website outsourcing companies (but we’re sure you’re already familiar with it).

Outsourcing means handling the project execution to a technology partner completely, from A to Z. The project management, communication within the team and between a development team and a client, development, testing, launch are on the technology partner. The ideation (if needed), the technical specifications creation, and design might be included as well. 

When you’d better go for pure outsourcing:

  • You don’t have an internal team of developers. You might also want outsourcing web design overseas
  • The expertise of your internal team is not sufficient to deliver the project or your team doesn’t possess the necessary skills
  • You have the development team but they cannot work independently
  • The project is of high importance and/or big budgets are at stake
  • You’re an overbooked web studio that doesn’t want to lose clients due to long wait
  • You just hate dealing with all these management things and want to pay attention to the things that you’re better at

How the process will look like? Let’s discuss it on the example of ADCI Solutions (it’s us).

  1. You look for the best Drupal developers in Russia and find us at one of the listings
  2. You send us an inquiry and we get back to you within a few hours
  3. Our sales manager briefs you about the project’s goal, requirements, budget, and timeline. Optionally, technical leads join a discussion. 
  4. We come to a mutual agreement of what a final result should look like, what the Definition of Done is (it can be a working killer feature or a set of fixed requirements), what workflow we should choose, how payments should be processed, and how we should report on progress.
  5. A project lead takes over the project from the sales manager and organizes the working process. The teamlead also sets tasks for the team members, define priorities (based on the initial client’s requirements), communicates with the client.
  6. The work on the project starts. The daily communication takes place in Redmine, Slack, Gmail.


Outstaffing is frequently confused with outsourcing but these two models of work are different.

Outstaffing literally means buying man-hours; in this case, developers do the work under your supervision and don’t take responsibility for anything but the quality of their work. You hire local developers or, most probably, hire web developers online, and handle the detailed Jobs to be Done to them.

When to outstaff? 

  • You have small or meticulously described tasks in the backlog and you can control the delivery
  • The company policy requires project management to be done internally
  • You don’t have an internal team of developers or your team is not skilled enough
  • You need a pair of extra hands

Typical working process with oustaffed web developers:

  1. Say, you’re in desperate need of React.js developers because your team is missing deadlines
  2. You send us an inquiry and we get back to you within a few hours
  3. Our sales manager briefs you about the current project’s conditions, start time, deadline, budget.
  4. The tech lead audits the conditions of your existing project and after that, we can commit to working.
  5. We define Jobs to be Done, tasks, deadlines if any, what workflow we should choose, how payments should be processed, and how we should report on the progress.
  6. We send you the requirements for the development environment or spin it up ourselves. We also request the instructions on the tasks order, the reporting, etc.
  7. The work on the project starts. 

Our services

Drupal web development

Drupal is a popular open-source CMS that earned its fame for ready-made solutions and friendly content editing flow. Drupal is a neat fit either for simple landing pages and corporate website and for complex high-load systems

Symfony development

Symfony and Drupal go hand in hand as Symfony’s components are in the Drupal COre since Drupal 8. Symfony has reusable components that can be used for generic features: focus on custom functionality instead of routine work

React development

React is an open-source JavaScript framework that has an increased speed of work and a high level of flexibility. React components can be reused for creating mobile applications so it’s a perfect choice for a Prove-of-Concept

Web app development

Create a breakthrough service available online and get famous. At the heart of Slack, Dropbox, Google Apps are very simple service ideas - so let's start small and do an MVP for you.

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