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What is React.js?

Building new Facebook, Instagram or AirBnB? Consider modern JavaScript framework React.js. React is an open-source JavaScript library that is updated frequently and has an increased speed of work and a high level of flexibility. Also, ReactJS components can be reused for creating mobile applications so if you choose React.js for your website, you can get a mobile application for less money and time than your competitors.

What React is used for?

React is perfect for complex and large-scale dynamic apps.

Use React for the following website categories:

  1. People and society websites: social networks, forums.
  2. Business and industry websites: corporate websites, portfolio websites, promo pages.
  3. Arts and entertainment websites: websites with video, photo, and music content like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Vimeo.
  4. News and media websites.

Hire us to build any complex application or website: React is perfect for that.


BigData search startup

Data, much data! Search feature and security.

E-learning platform

High load, many users, great performance.

Real-time voting platform

High load, many users, great performance.
React native

React Native app

Mobile app with the reused React components.

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