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React is a new black now: everyone wants to use it on their projects, and everybody wants to code React projects. We are not an exception, especially considering that React front end can be integrated into many websites regardless of the back-end solution. Need a win-win solution, a fast front end, or probably both? Read on.

What is React.js?

Let’s dot all the i’s about React itself.

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library created by Meta, Inc. It is updated frequently, has 1000+ active contributors, and increases the speed of development (therefore, it will be less costly), performance, and a high level of flexibility. 

When it comes to the development of complex web applications with interactive user interfaces which include contact forms, buttons, text fields, maps, etc, JS-based frameworks or libraries like React.js are irreplaceable tools. Component-oriented programming principles make React.js outstanding technology: the development team saves time and money via pieces of JavaScript code called “components” that are reused for building similar features and elements on the same website (headers, footers, menus, sharing buttons, etc.). React developers can create React front end almost on any website, including those that run on CMSs like Drupal. But React’s difference is that it helps programmers build applications faster.    

Never call React.js a framework, because it isn’t. What’s the difference? In simple words, while a framework is an environment that rules the code’s behavior, a library is a program with functions and classes for developing clear-defined operations under the complete control of the developer. React.js had two competitors — Vue.js and Angular.js, which are both frameworks. 

Also, don’t confuse React.js with React Native — it’s not the same product, although it is developed by Meta*, Inc. too. React Native is based on React.js but is designed to develop mobile applications mostly. React.js components can be reused for creating mobile applications so if you choose React.js for your website, you can get a mobile application for less money and time than your competitors. Do you think this is it? No, you can create desktop applications too! Use React Native for Windows + macOS.


*Meta Inc is considered to be engaged in extremist activity in Russian Federation

How React.js works

The capabilities of React.js are based on six features:

Component-based architecture. Each element on a web page — logo, header, search field, hero image, author’s photo, contact form, footer – is considered as one of its components. You can use recurring components many times instead of creating them from scratch on every page. 

Props and state objects. Props is the data coming to the component from the outside and state is the data the component already stores inside it and can pass to other components. The contents of these objects determine what the user will see on the screen and what features will be available.

One-way data binding paradigm. Data is sent from parent components to child ones through props. This process grants developers more control over the application.

JSX. It is a JavaScript extension that allows the creation of React components from HTML. These components store both a page layout and the app’s logic, which simplifies the developer’s work. 

Virtual DOM. We think that’s the key React’s feature. When a user changes something on a page, it doesn’t lead to rerendering of a whole page but the only objects affected by the user’s actions. It increases the page’s performance. Also, thanks to Virtual DOM, it’s easier to synchronize UI and a project’s state.

Server-Side Rendering makes React applications SEO friendly.


When should you use React.js?

Use React for the following website categories:

  • People and society websites: social networks, forums.
  • Business and industry websites: corporate websites, portfolio websites, promo pages.
  • Arts and entertainment websites: websites with video, photo, and music content like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Vimeo.
  • News and media websites.
  • eCommerce websites: a headless CMS + React result in a full-fledged platform.

What have we already used React for?

  • BigData search startup. Data, much data! Search feature and security.
  • E-learning platform & Real-time voting platform. High load, many users, great performance.
  • React Native apps. Mobile application with the reused React components.

To sum up, React is perfect for complex software development and large-scale dynamic apps. If you want your website to be interactive and dynamic, then choose React for development. 

Why сhoose ADCI Solutions ReactJS development services?

ADCI Solutions actively adopts front-end technologies and it resulted in the emergence of a new front-end department in our team. Now it’s 10 people with knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Node.js, and, of course, React development.

Our front-end developers master 3 services:

  1. Creating page layouts, PSD to HTML. These developers can do theming for Drupal, and WordPress websites and help with site-building.
  2. Front-end development: those developers have chosen to polish particular technologies such as React, Gatsby, Next.js, Jest.
  3. Full-stack development: jack-of-all-trades who can do the project from scratch. Their skillset includes Node, Express, Nest, MongoDB/Firebase, and React Native.

Our middle- to senior-level React developers are good at:

  • State management
  • Web application architecture
  • Advanced styling (CSS Modules, Styled Components)
  • Design principles and UX
  • Web security and scalability
  • Third-party libraries

If you have difficulty comprehending what specialist to hire, contact us and we will provide a consultation free of charge. Now that you know a little bit more about us, why hire ADCI Solutions front-end developers?

  1. A systematic approach to learning: each new developer at ADCI Solutions has a mentor who guides them through an internship program. Then, every 6 months the developer goes through the assessment.
  2. After the internship, the developer is assigned to particular projects that they are the best at - page layout/PSD to HTML, front-end development (including React), and full-stack development. 
  3. Project management approach: only a middle or senior developer with extensive experience can lead a project. So if you entrust us React development, such a project will be led by a developer with several years of experience.
  4. Numerous successful React projects and proven clients’ reviews. Check some of our projects below and read reviews on Clutch.

How do we reach high results?

Your React project development will be easy, pleasant, and mutually beneficial thanks to our simplified workflow. We don’t require paperwork at all but will happily do this if it’s required from your side.

What tools ease our development process? We are evangelists of best practices and community-proven solutions. We know and actively use:

  1. The React boilerplate by Facebook
  2. Tools from Awesome React 
  3. Npm modules, hooks for any goals on
  4. State managers Storeon, effector
  5. React Saga
  6. Test with Jest, React Test library
  7. Prototyping with Storybook
  8. The forms 
  9. The routing

We will keep the code clean and keep it up to high standards. Now when  it's clear with the tools, let's see how a team work is organized.

A typical project team includes a lead developer, back-end and front-end developers, designers, account and sales managers.

Onboarding. At the kickoff meeting, the sales manager briefs you regarding goals, requirements and restrictions in terms of budget and time.

Study of the requirements. During this stage, the lead developer explores ReactJS tech documentation (if you have any), and discusses all the features and details with the client.

Wireframes and designs are the optional stages which sometimes is not required. Wireframing minimizes the risks of sudden layout and functionality changes at later stages. Graphic and web design follow.

Back-end and front-end development. Sometimes, we can start front-end development almost simultaneously with the back end, so the project progresses much faster.

Deployment and further React services like support and maintenance. Typically, this last stage turns into different sub-projects that are aimed at enhancing different parts of the killer features of the application.


Why do our clients choose ADCI Solutions?

Clients entrust us with their React projects not only for the beautiful pictures from the portfolio but for the high-quality end results and for our client-oriented approach.

Our values:

  • All clients are important. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small business website, a huge corporate website for a digital marketing studio, or a content writer’s landing page - we will pay equal attention to any case. Because we want you to get successful and come back to us.
  • Provide only a service that you’re experienced in. Don’t commit to development-related services if you’re not capable of delivering.
  • Don’t take assignments blindly and always ask clients - what they need them for. What is supposed to change? We preach goal-based web design and development.
  • Be proactive and educate clients: tell them if you see a better solution.

We’re also proud to be acknowledged among top developers worldwide. Check us on Clutch!

2017: Top Web Developers in Russia - Clutch
2018: Top Web Developers in Russia - Clutch 
2019: Top Drupal Developers Worldwide - Clutch
2020: Top B2B providers in Russia - Clutch
2020: Top 1000 Companies - Clutch Global
2021: Top PHP Developers In Russia - The Manifest
2021: Top 100 React.js Developers in Russia - The Manifest
2021: Most reviewed web design companies in Russia - The Manifest
2021: Top 1000 Service Providers - Clutch


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