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What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is the progressive framework to create UI (user interface) and superfast, powerful, fully adaptive single page applications (SPA) and more complex web interfaces.

The framework makes the development process easier, faster and reduces application development costs.

What Vue.js is used for?

All kind of dynamic content representation that loads on-the-fly!

  1. Medical websites with lots of specific content such as video, photos, articles. With Vue.js, the loaded website will work fast anyway.
  2. Product websites with the search-on-the-fly. Use Vue.js for the front end when you know that the speed is crucial for your users.
  3. Online quizzes that have to work fast. We mean, very fast.
  4. Single-page application of any kind.

Do you need a Vue.js website?

Let’s check up whether your site needs to be created with Vue.js. If there are 3 and more points chosen, Vue.js is recommended.

  1. You need to create a single page application or a more complex web interface that will work on-the-fly not depending on the amount of content.
  2. You need a website with good performance and that is feature-rich.
  3. You need a solution that makes the conversion growth and improved search ranking a reality.
  4. You assume that you will be constantly working and changing the website.
  5. You need a website with a high user reach.
  6. You need a website that allows implementing cool animations and transitions.

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