Step 1

Send over your PSD. We review the general grid, typography and assets to make sure that we are clear on your requested deliverables. We consult on performance opportunities, such as HTML5 or CSS3 markup, during this phase.

Step 2

Our coders go to work. They slice your document with your requested markup and make the magic happen. Our goal is to use as little coding lines as possible and keep your code squeaky clean ;)

Step 3

Quality assurance and multi-browser testing. This includes browser regression testing and multiple devices (if appropriate).

More details

Content architecture

We determine all your content types and site’s taxonomy following Drupal best practices.

Website theming

We take your PSD and integrate it seamlessly within the Drupal ecosystem. We theme the “Drupal Way” with scale and maintainability in mind.

Performance optimization

Your site needs to be fast. During this step, we experiment with different caching stacks and work on improving your page load time. We also do load balancing and test your site under stress.

Module implementation

We can use contrib modules or build our own module. Or we can customize a contrib module for your project ;)

Launch strategy

We’re here for help during the site launch. Of course, we implement a very thorough QA process before hand and make sure that your site meets our quality control standards.

Dashboard customization

We pride ourself on keeping the content editing experience nice and clean. Our goal is to make content as easy to update as possible.