25th NSF EPSCoR National Conference

The 25th NSF EPSCoR National Conference is hosted by a Montana NSF EPSCoR Program. This meeting will gather people from across the USA to talk about science, education, and outreach. The Conference is open to NSF EPSCoR jurisdiction-selected faculty, students, VIPs, and staff.

Client's goals

to develop

a website theme

to migrate

the website from Drupal 6
to Drupal 8

to implement

a mobile version


We were provided with a wireframe so the main goal was to create modern bright graphics for a website. Every step of a design process was discussed with a client and program committees. It took us several iterations to create an overall design. We took into account the fact that content will be changed by the client. For that reason we illustrated several situations of pictures, links and other content collaborating with each other.

The main colors of the website are white and blue, several red accents for buttons were added too. We also used slight shadows to brighten the main content.


This theme was developed using a mobile-first strategy. Nowadays mobile overtook desktop computers as people’s preferred device to access the Internet. To help a client achieve his goals, we paid a particular attention to the convenience of users of such devices.


The previous version of the website was developed on Drupal 6. Due to the fact that Drupal 6 support was stopped, it was decided to use Drupal 8, migrate all contents and develop a new responsive theme. We are not simply transferred a structure of the website, but also optimized it so that the client and users feel comfortable working with it.


All in all, we migrated a website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8, developed a new responsive and user -friendly theme. We copied all content and optimized a website structure. This Conference highlights unique aspects of the NSF EPSCoR program through invited speakers and interactive sessions. We’re extremely honoured to be the company that was trusted to perform such a responsible work. We welcome you to visit The 25th NSF EPSCoR National Conference website.