The rise of virtualization, the explosion of data creation and the opportunities in Cloud services are bringing new challenges to maintaining effective backup and disaster recovery programs for critical data.

Acronis can help you securely migrate, protect and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments. With a Unified Platform and new generation technology, its innovative solutions are designed to ease the management burden and reduce total cost of ownership while improving your recovery time objectives.

  • Over 175,000 customers in a broad range of industries have chosen Acronis to protect their business continuity
  • Strong partner ecosystem reaches customers in more than 90 countries worldwide
  • Through their award winning customer support centers, Acronis offers 24/7 assistance to their customers worldwide

Acronis applications are wide-known as the most secure, solid and stable disk backup solutions. And now ADCI Solutions are proud to announce that we have built a website to popularize and sell these outstanding applications.


Why Drupal was chosen

After extensive research Drupal was chosen as the most powerful and flexible platform because of its complex content structure, administration resources, and lots of professionaly-made modules. And of course, it’s an open source.

Content Structure

There are more than 20 products for different purposes. Many products can be used with cloud storage system. There are a lot of options of purchasing each product. All these varieties are handled by our system.

Standart Drupal content types system solved it as well as it could be. We never felt sorry we chose Drupal for our website!
It was unusual solution for us to use corresponding node reference module, which gave us great results for perfomance and flexibility in views configuration.


Acronis website is multilingual. We support about 10 languages for more than 20 countries / regions. We use entity translation and customized TMGMT modules to satisfy translators needs. Each region has special product price and currency.  Some content/products are restricted to different locations. 


Flexible Product promotions

From time to time Acronis team arranges promotions for their products with great bonuses and discounts. These promotions are specific for different regions and act only for certain period. We’ve designed a flexible and convenient system to manage these promotions. We have a special content type. This content type nodes connect to an appropriate node to replace fields with new values like a new price. After promo is over, special nodes get removed and we see our product just as they were before. No extra actions needed.


Site Administration 

We should notice Acronis team is really big and experienced. There are content managers team, translators team, SEO team, promo team and others. And all of them need to change content quickly and easily. Each action is being kept in drupal history with possibility to check who did what and when. Also it’s possible to move between revisions quickly if something went wrong. Workbench moderation module fits these purposes as good as possible. We used nodeblock module to convert static blocks to nodes. This way we received revisions functionality even for our block.

Adaptive Theme

In the end we should say a word about the theme. We are proud to present a highly flexible, adaptive theme for Acronis website. It supports desktop screens, tablets and smartphones. All the actions that can be done with mouse and keyboard can be also done with touchscreen. Adaptive theme is used as a base for our theme solution.

For some design solutions we used html 5 and css 3 features. For older browsers, which don’t support html 5 and css 3, layouts might differ.

We support all modern browsers including IE 8+.


CONTINUOUS Integration / CONTINUOUS Deployment

We move updates to Acronis website almost everyday. It’s really rapidly changing system. We use Continuous Integration process based on Jenkins to be always sure the system works fine with each commit to code repository. We use Coder module to check codestyle, php mess detector and copy-paste detector. Selenium tests are being run on each commit!
 Phing is being used to deploy updates between dev servers, stage and production as easily as it’s possible.


As a server solution we use Linux OS with nginx as server application. This configuration by itself gives great perfomance results. But we also use powerful cache system which caches almost every page on the website. We are lucky to have most users as anonymous so cache solution works perfectly here.

Key modules/theme/distribution used

Custom code

We did quite a lot of customization in translation process. TMGMT was chosen as a base for our translation module. We have added very useful filters to choose the whole content from one page at once (all blocks, nodes being used in views) to create a job to translate the page. 

Also we’ve added a posibility to reimport jobs if needed (by default TMGMT doesn’t allow to reimport jobs). 

Also translation_access module was created to controll visibility of drupal nodes based on user’s current language. This way some products are allowed to be seen only by Japanese, as example.

In conclusion

We are very proud of our collaboration with Acronis team. We are sure together we’ve managed to create a powerful and stable solution. We hope our co-operation will last for many years!