Why did we need to redesign the main page

ADCI Solutions company has been going through a long path of development and now it is the high time to create a landing-type main page for ourselves. We realized that we need it when we started to reinvent our sales process and create a systematic approach of reaching our potential clients.


The first step was investigation and education. We did a market research and guides monitoring in order to find the most suitable main page structure which will meet our needs and respond the business objectives.

We chose the following logics for the main page structure: we wanted to underline how great Drupal is and how great we are at Drupal. That is why we have block about Drupal benefits. Also we created a pdf-guide “Drupal for your business” which perfectly reflects our goal to show the opportunities of Drupal.

Throughout the main page we are telling visitors a story about us, our way of work, benefits of chosen technologies, our key achievements and, of course, the opinions of our clients.

Call to action

Big part of planning was dedicated to call to action sections. We wanted to test how different types of CTA work, that is why we put several of them. First is again about the pdf guide we created. If the visitor wants to read it he/she needs to fill out the contact form. Then we use a call to action where the visitor fills out the form, if he/she wants to receive a free consultation. And finally we used a simple “subscribe to our newsletter” form. After some time we will check the efficiency of different CTAs and make some corrections.




We start designing process by applying the wireframes to the created structure of the main page. Our designers created 5 different concepts at the stage of wireframing in order to choose the one that meets our goals best. When we came up with the variant everyone liked our web-designers created an amazing look for the main page, that you can see below. 


Since we have a lot of visitors from cells and tablets we need to have a perfectly designed page across multiple devices, so we moved on with the responsive web-design. And what is also very important at the web-design stage is to think over all the animations in advance because the final look of the website consists of both visuals and animations.


When the web-design was created we started building our main page using prepared animations and visual effects. Because of this design and frontend development synergy we have a page that you want to scroll over and over again. And this is not the end of work. We keep improving every single block to make it look complete and provide visitors with a delightful experience.


In a month after lauch of the new main page we compared the Google Analytics data to find out the outcome. There was a great trend of increasing the time on site and the number of viewed pages per session. Now people view our website three times longer than previously which means that they are interested in the content we created. And they surf through 30% more pages. Unfortunately the number of sessions per month dropped but that just makes us allocate more resources to website promotion. 

Also we used the data about the links clicked and visitors behaviour on the main page. We noticed that visitors go to our work page. 

Navigation between pages

So we concluded that this is the most relevant information for our visitors and decided to prove this hypothesis by using another type of statistic data. We looked at the most popular parts of the page. And again it was an arrow that swipes our work carousel. 

Click map

As our portfolio is so interesting for our visitors we decided to work on this block and plan the appropriate and convenient path for users. 

We created several Call-to-action forms on our new main page in order to realize which ones have higher conversion rate. Visitors could sign up and receive a free PDF about Drupal, request a free consultation or just ask a question about their project. After we analyzed the statistics we realized that those forms were too different and that distracted the visitors. So we are going to redesign the whole process of reaching our visitors in the nearest future. 


In end up we can say that the team involved in this project and the whole ADCI Solutions team are excited about the website changes! This page reflects the initial goals to tell the story of ADCI Solutions, our way of work and key achievements. The result is inspiring and we can’t wait to analyze how efficient our work was in terms of conversions and number of visitors.

Small team can make big changes.