The main aims of the project: rebuilt existing site using CMS, make it adaptive and improve usability of major pages. More then that site should be translated into two languages: nl and pr-br. And the Drupal is perfect for this.

Existing site was rebuilt using Drupal modules and entities. We have configured structure of the site, created necessary content types and made layout. 

New website is adaptive. Users can comfortably use the website for any device and will always be up to date with company news. To make navigation easy for the mobile users, special menu was created. The main menu is dropdown with big buttons. The side menu have a ‘Swipe’ effect like on the most of  mobile applications. Side menu is sticky, which is good for long pages.  


The last important thing: the site looks the same on both languages. Sometimes it is a problem due to different word length.


Multiusers blog is the major section of the site. The aim was make it more social and improve usability. Each blog post can be attached to categories. The categories menu is always on the sidebar. Also, the last 3 blog posts are displayed on the footer and at the bottom of inner blog post. 


More than that, the client decided to make an RSS feed for the blog section. In this way, the user does not miss the latest blog entries. 

We have to say thanks to the Adcrowd team for the timely answers to our questions in the course of the project