Main objectives

  • excellent clean minimalistic responsive design
  • maximum user convenience
  • simplicity  in use for advertisers

Project description

Homepage of the website contains Latest ads, advertising companies logos and location block - here the customer can easily see which companies advertise here, what they offer, and where they are located.

Each advertiser has its homepage that contains all necessary info - logo, contact details, location, opening hours, web address, social contact details, contact email address and the email address associated with that account. We made sure that once a customer visits advertiser’s homepage he will never be able to see other companies logos and ads, including logo. No long descriptions or colourful banners included - only icons, links and information.


Companies are offering ads that are either service orientated ads or real item ads, or both. Each ad has its individual page with description, price, image or image slider, ability to link to external video source, price, and discount label if necessary. Besides it is possible to add a specific url to the ad. This website was not intended to be an e-store, still there is a possibility to pay via paypal.


For convenience of users the website has clear navigation and structure. All companies and ads are classified to categories and location, which makes it easier for a customer to find desired companies, products or services according to their needs. We made sure that users would not get lost in variety of ads.


As we dealt with pure advertising it was important to make customer see the ads, not the design of the website itself. We managed to create a businesslike, clean, minimalistic design which brings structure to numerous information. For this purpose some labels are replaced with icons.

The website is based on Omega Drupal Base theme that makes it responsive and easy to reach wherever and whenever customer needs it. We provided easy reading and navigation on any device and screen of any resolution.


As this website was created for both customers and advertisers, the second take great advantages using this portal as a place for advertising. First, they get convenient CMS, which lets them just fill in necessary fields, upload images and wait for customers to come. Second, they get their own homepage with simple url letting them share it whenever they need it. It is not an e-store, so there was no need for our coder to make complicated functionality. Simplicity was one of the main objectives and we managed to bring it to life.