The problem

As the site had a long story, all pages were well indexed by search engines. So one of the important points was to keep its rank after moving to Drupal 7 platform.


After reviewing all specs we marked 4 main branches of the development:

  • Design. Make responsive design for all devices, re-think a site’s UI, menus etc.
  • Backend. Create new structure which will be more friendly for admin and fit new site structure
  • Migration. Move all existing content from D6 to D7.
  • Do all front-end work to make site beautiful


Our designer made a light and beautiful design that fully fits all client's needs. Each step in the designs development was well discussed with the client, everything, each small idea and thought, were taken into account.

Backend / Migration

To move all existing content from D6 to D7 we have to take into account that a lot of fields in content types were reorganized. For this purpose, we used the best migration tool for Drupal Migrate API.

Front end

The client was fully involved in each step of the development process, and front-end UI wasn't an exception.


We made a new fully responsive design that looks well on all types of devices. We managed to rebuild the structure of the site and made navigation more useful.