All products at Aruzon.com are structured by categories, subcategories and so on - so the user will be able to find the necessary items fast.

Every item has a detailed description and technical parameters attached. Also, there are similar items displayed at the given item’s page.

Every item is being sold by a certain merchant. On the merchant’s page users are able to see merchant’s rating, reviews&complains and other items the current merchant has in stock for now.

Only registered users can buy items. Users can register either using  common email registration process or via different social networks and services (Facebook, Twitter, Google).

When user is done with his choice and put all items he wanted to buy to the cart, he must pay his order.

The site has its own forum, where registered users can discuss some things about the site and/or about products/merchants


and blog, where the administration publishes news about the site and some other topics.


If user is experiencing some troubles with the site, he can always contact  the online-advisor, who is always online, via text chat.

Also, every user can leave a review about the site at the Reviews page. Besides, the site has enough informational pages about its work scheme, rates, payment and delivery methods.

Techincal details

The Chinese e-shop contains several millions of items and its stock is renewed every day. So the development team had a couple of complicated problems to solve.


Items automated import from taobao.com

Since the amount of items sold at taobao.com is pretty huge, developers needed to implement the automated items’ import process.


Developers decided to implement several robots - programs, that will duplicate items from Chinese e-shop to aruzon.com. The main objective of the robots is to parralellize the import process and to distribute the load. These programs are implemented using PHP and work with Apache Tomcat application server.


Items descriptions automated translation

All the items located at taobao.com have detailed Chinese descriptions attached. Main language of the target audience of aruzon.com is Russian (all the descriptions must be in Russian) and the import process has already been automated, therefore aruzon.com needed to have automated  items descriptions translation.


Automated translation is an unstable thing and translation between Chinese and Russian is pretty horrible. So, it was decided to use English as a mediator.  Thus we made a chain: Chinese -> English -> Russian. To translate Chinese to English we use Baidu. English to Russian translation is goes through Yandex translation service.