About the client

Awnings.us is a division of the well-known manufacturing company Alutech United. Awnings.us is operating since 2004 and is specializing in sales of awning systems and related products.


This project is a redesign of the old site. Awnings.us appealed to our company in order to update an existing site and move it onto Drupal cms. The old site did not meet modern standards of the web industry and did not have a convenient admin panel for maintaining the site. The purpose was to transfer all content from the old site, develop similar functionality and create a unique and modern design.



Website interface developed with the assistance of the customer takes into account all information needs of potential buyers. Design created by our studio uses bright colors and thin fonts which help the perception. Lightness and openness of the site interface corresponds to convenience and ease-of-use. The structure of the site is organized for conveniece of users. Slideshow on the main page attracts attention and gives a comprehensive view on the products. Real objects are presented in harmoniously filled gallery.


Site features

Awnings.us is a full-fledged e-commerce site with handy shopping cart, shipping system, and different payment systems. For this project we used a modern engine of e-commerce for Drupal - "Commerce". Products are divided into two main types: 'additional options' and 'custom awnings'. 'Additional Options' is a standard e-commerce product catalog with possibility to purchase and select features.


One of the main advantages of the site is a very convenient basket.


The main core of the site is an ordering form of building custom awning system:


Order form was developed taking into account all the necessary options of production of the Awnings.us. Here the customer can choose any variation of awning system to suit their needs. The number of variations is reaching 5 millions. All selections of features on this page are performed with AJAX. Two payment systems are implemented here: PayPal and custom payment system developed for client's needs.