Owners had one defined aim: to make a new website, being up to date and more social. Nowadays people use internet to get information about the place where they want to rest and spend time. It’s very important to have modern and worthy representation in the web. Many new features were planned: news, galleries and reviews of past and upcoming events. The main new feature is the page for the upcoming event: content of this page on the website should be automatized to be shown on a screen outside the restaurant. So, our programmer Anton started to work on this interesting project.

On the homepage client decided to show the main information, which could be interesting to bar’s guests: 4 latest news, opening hours and next event box with controls to browse events. If there is no upcoming event, user will see integrated Google map with Glory Days bar’s location. In addition to these things there is a small special announcement in a box upon the picture of a pint of light beer, saying something like “We have karaoke” :)


The whole design of this website is rather thematic, it creates that European bar atmosphere with warm and dark colors of wood. Designer created some tridimensional effect so it seems so deep and volumetric. Photos from the Glory Days are just complement effect. So, if you are somewhere near Porvoo, you’ll definitely want to visit such homely nice place.

Inner pages are rather flexible

  • Content may have a different height and  it will look fine;
  • Subpage may have few options: extra information and attached gallery, which are visible only if content is inserted; we also did the same thing for special announcement message.

So, it will be fairly easy to add and change any content on this website.


We’ve already mentioned the screen outside of the restaurant. The reference between the screen and next event page is also organized well: in case if there is no upcoming event, screen just shows the logo of the restaurant and opening hours.

Website was also filled with some usual things as social media links, contact form and galleries.

We also need to note great communication between our coder and customer. These guys, Anton and Ville, had a very effective communication. Anton gave many valuable advices to customer, quickly made necessary fixes, and Ville gave us a quick and constructive responses and also was very cheerful :) All these factors allowed us to finish this project on time and qualitatively.