As far as those meetings take place more than 3 times a year, it was decided to make an overall style for the events. Before the redesign we created logos and overall style every time we had meeting (Drupal Cafe #5 — 10). We started building our brand and visual identity from logo. We made several sketches and have chosen a simple yet modern drop-shaped logo, that inspires overall style and could be further extended across various platforms i.e. print, web, social media, merchandise etc.

Further Implementations

We decided that background color in overall style should depend on the current color of the logo. So, in 11th cafe color couple was yellow - raspberry. To figure out how logo and colors will look in different situations we made several mockups. Everything is okay, all materials are passed to the print shop.

Thus the sign at this stage looks good both on printed materials and in digital versions. It takes attention in the newsfeeds and social networks and can’t be unnoticed. The same applies to printed materials, badges and posters.