Firma Rock offers a creative environment for a company, which helps to introduce themselves to the public, to make new contacts, get to know other professionals and to highlight the company's own products and services. The company assembles a band to represent them on the Firma Rock live event and compete in the Firma Rock contest.

And our product helps to achieve these goals.
How did we do this?



Administrator creates an account of new band, the system generates a page for this band and sends an email with further instructions to the band. So each band gets own easy-customizable page with photo gallery and information about the band members. We have created a sample page to help users to find out how they could complete their pages.

It is worth to mention, that we are able to provide a simple system to manage site content because we used a Drupal CMS.

Events, news

These sections provide visitors an easy way to look for upcoming events and breaking news about Firma Rock contest.

We brought the opportunity to tag events, news and pictures with the concrete band. This feature doesn't let people miss anything about their favorite bands.



We have implemented a voting system using a well-known Facebook likes. This solution lets users avoid annoying registration just to cast a vote and provides a simple cheat-resistant voting system.

We care about user-friendly interface, so you can vote for a band from different places of the site: band page and bands list. You can also tell your friends about the band you like from the front page.



Firma Rock has been designed in a way that it allows to place multiple ads without being intrusive. You can see advertising blocks at the different parts of page. Advertising at the bottom is distinguished by coloring on the hover.

Potential advertisers can find useful information for themselves in the according section of the site.

We have been cooperating with Firma Rock since 2012. At the beginning of this year site has been updated: new year brought new competition.