Drupal and Angular development for the online career fair

About the client

GoIntro is a startup job tool based in Edinburgh. GoIntro gathers students and employers together, allowing students to hold 1-to-1 video chats with multiple employers on the online career fair.

The back end of the website is made in Drupal with Angular on the front-end part of the chat.


Our Drupal development company ADCI Solutions was busy with developing the ecosystems for three types of users: an organiser, an employer, and a student.

The website is made in Drupal 7 using Angular (2+) for the front-end part. Chats are made with WebRTC. Also, the site exposes REST API for chat functionality needs.

It’s worth saying that this project combines several websites: the GoIntro platform itself and the white labelled sites of events organized. The last ones are made using the same template. Those instances are easily configurable and content can be changed.

01-Home Page

Development for the organiser type

The Drupal agency ADCI Solutions was given the mock-ups and the work started. In cooperation with GoIntro developers an instance was developed: it is a website template where all three types of participants take actions. This white labelled template is inserted into an organiser’s website domain.


  • Organisers hold their events
  • Employers book themselves onto those events
  • Organisers receive payments from employers with Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Organisers get feedback on exhibitors (a.k.a. employers) from participants: were the employers friendly or not, how well they conveyed information to the participants, and how many students were or were not followed-up and why. This data helps select exhibitors and participants wisely.

Since the white labelled template is highly customizable, such things as color styles are set in the admin dashboard of the website.

Employer Dashboard
Create an event

Development for the employer type

For the employer type, a separate dashboard was developed. It enables an employer to do the following:

  • to book oneself onto an event
  • to pay an organiser within the website ecosystem
  • to receive calls from students (only the students can initiate a chat)
  • to analyze the event success with the convenient dashboard

A lot of efforts were put into developing a friendly and helpful employer dashboard: it accompanies an employer from the preparation stage to the follow-up stage providing necessary advices. Just have a look how the employer dashboard assists the employer throughout all the stages.

Organiser Dashboard
Finished events

Development for the student type

Alike the employer type, the student type of a user has a possibility to create an account to book themselves on to an event of interest.

  • A student builds up a profile: skills, personal info, a portfolio (optional)
  • The student can choose an event she or he wants to attend
  • At the event, the student will be shown only those exhibitors that match their technical skills listed in the account
  • The student can do a test video chat to make sure everything is set up for an interview
  • The gamified environment helps students pass time and get some tips on the employers while waiting for the interview


The GoIntro project is a big success: it not only serves the noble goal of employing talented students but also gives a lot of opportunities to show what Drupal is capable of. It hosts the big interactive website that fits the needs of universities, employers, students. If you’re still on the fence about the CMS for your educational website - think no longer and examine the GoIntro website. And we will answer all of your questions - get in touch.

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