As for design, we were asked to make it simple but with a modern, eye-catching presentation, with the big image slider on the front page.

We were to rework the structure a little - to make a consolidated FAQ page instead of Who can fly/When to Fly/What to Wear/What it's like pages. Also, it was decided to remove guestbook and photo albums as they didn’t seem to be popular enough. The last but not the least request for the project was SEO.

So, the work began. As far as the structure was clear, we began with the design. Our designer created an overall style for the site and several nice icons to use throughout the site. During the work process there were a couple of variants of it but the first one was chosen with only the slight color changes.

There was an idea to put a background video to the slider as the background video has modern look and can show the beauty of the flight. But later on it was decided to use the image slider. So, after everything was confirmed and decided, we began working on the site.

The project was quite an easy task for a programmer as there were no complicated things to do. Theming was also pleasure. We made the website fully responsive, so the customers could enjoy it from any device.