Icama is a website about treating Interstitial Cystitis disease. The owners are doctors Boaz and Matia Brizman both certified in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Both Chinese and Western medicine have been challenged in the treatment of IC, providing an understanding of the integration of the two philosophies to achieve a more effective system of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment may lead to more cases of the restoration of good health. Using this website Drs Boaz and Matia hope to expand their work by teaching treatment of this disease.

Icama Project had an old website when our team started with this project. Its design was obviously old-fashioned, and navigation was unfriendly and non-intuitional. But the old website provided a lot of important information as articles with comments and two forums; it was extremely important to transfer all data to the new version.
We started with the new design. Boaz, a contact person, had a very strong feeling about future look of the website. He provided us with an example and interactive prototype, so creating psd-layouts wasn't a difficult task for us. Later on designer and coder cooperated with each other so even tiny visual details were under control. The main color of the website is white; such background allows a lot of bright photos to look appealing and contrast. Typography is strong and decent, font is good for continuous reading.

Let's say a few words about technologies used for this project. We used Adaptive Theme framework for responsive theming. It's a powerful tool allowing to spend less efforts for creating responsive version of the site. You can learn more about this tool here. We used SASS in theming; it helped to save coder's time and brought us a new experience.

One of the main elements on the homepage is the big video hero block. It's trendy; it creates necessary mood when a user just visits website. For video intergration and its correct appearance on all kind of devices we used jQuery plugin BigVideo; you can learn more about it here:
One of client's requests was using Recipe module integration. In IC healing much attention is paid for diet, so a big part of the website is about recipes published by site's owners or created by participants of community. This module allows users to create new recipes rather easily; also user can recalculate quantity of ingredients for existing recipes (for example, to calculate a half of portion or to double it).

Another site's feature is two forums with different levels of access for authorized and unauthorized users.

We paid much attention to build good relationships with the client. Boaz is very attentive to details, and we put all our efforts to realize all his requests. We think that we created a very interesting and user-friendly portal which will help a lot of people to overcome their illness. From the first user reviews we see that people like the new version much more than the old one!