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About the client

Our client - the Influize team -  is a team of marketing professionals who set sights on the Instagram promotion of brands, influencers, agencies, bloggers, and celebrities.

Their tactic is simple yet powerful: the celebrity partnership. With the help of Influize, now everyone who purchases a special campaign can get promoted on a celebrity’s Instagram and get real engaged followers! 

This is how to get Instagram followers and become an influencer on Instagram. If you only at the beginning of your career, you can find different guides on the Influize website.


The website was launched in May 2020, and at the moment of writing this case study in June 2020, we have already witnessed several campaign purchases!

Inquiries management is very simple for administrators. All the requests are saved on a website and automatically forwarded to the business managers of Influize. 

The organic channels are already working well after a couple of months after launch: the average CTR in July for keywords and phrases was 4,6%. According to the HubSpot research, this number is higher than average for the Technology industry which is 2,38%. Order a website on Drupal that is greatly optimized for SEO. 

About the project

The Influize project realizes the idea of influencer marketing. The website goal is gathering leads through different contact forms. All the inquiries are collected in Drupal and sent to managers who take care of new business.

The website pages address different categories of potential customers: brands, influencers, agencies, bloggers, and celebrities. Each one can read about benefits from promoting on Instagram.

From time to time, special campaigns are launched: celebrities are invited, and a limited number of places is available. Also, these campaigns are time-limited.

Mega 7 x Celebrity Instagram Growth Campaign
Promotional page and a contact form

During these campaigns, giveaways are organized, and participants can win:

  • £10k Cash Prizes
  • Rolex Watches
  • 7* Holidays
  • Brand New Cars

The great thing is that website administrators can create and manage these pages on their own thanks to Drupal. Managers can limit these campaigns in time, create an Early bird offer and provide a discount. Payments are processed through credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The technical part

ADCI Solutions was in charge of development, testing and support; the business logic and designs were created by Influize.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up server environments on Amazon Web Services, spinning up the application, deployment
  • Application architecture
  • Back-end and front-end development, business logic implementation
  • Integration with third-party services like SendGrid for mass mailing
  • Manual testing
  • Post-release support and new features development

Business challenge

The client has set the following goals for a website:

  1. It should be able to cope with high load because the great effort is put into attracting customers to the website
  2. Website managers should be able to create pages on their own
  3. It should be SEO friendly

Let’s see how these goals were technically supported.


Dear reader, as this is a highly technical part, we have tried to compress it as much as possible but sometimes great business results are backed up by technical solutions.

Promotional page and a contact form
Promotional page and a contact form
Schedule a consultation page
Schedule a consultation page

Back end

  • Website hosting: AWS
  • Main technologies: Drupal 8, Node.js
  • Drupal distributions used: Drupal Contenta CMS
  • Caching: Memcached and Varnish

This caching system helps us achieve the goal 1: the website should be able to cope with high load. This approach lets reduce the number of queries to a database and PHP, and, accordingly, reduces the load time. 

The fast loading website = a happy client!

The Drupal Contenta CMS was used to realize REST API that connects Drupal and Node.js.

We developed the architecture that allows building new pages from independent blocks - paragraphs: it means that a website manager can create new pages without the help of developers because these blocks are already styled and work properly. 

Of course, a user permission system is in place: different access levels for different users (admins, blog authors, etc). This is very convenient since you don’t have to think about new users’ permissions each time.

Front end

The front end is where our SEO magic was made possible. 

Influize - is an isomorphic application. It means that firstly a server shows a prerendered page and only then React on the front end processes and handles components into its lifecycle. 

What happens on this website? The first thing you need to know is that we've implemented a SPA approach here. We used the React framework - Next.js: it implemented SSR (server-side rendering) on the website which is very important for SEO. If we didn’t implement this SPA approach, each page would reload every time a user opens it and the website would not index well.

Instead of conclusion

The work on Ifluize keeps going and we are flattered to be a part of it. If you want to become an influencer on social media - visit the Influize website. If you need an application like this - contact us right now and see your business ambitions come true!

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