The website provides many different types of content. There is a lot of various articles and goods selling by Jogia Diamonds. The website has the catalog of diamonds and catalogs of rings and earrings. With their help user can build his own jewelry. Also there are a lot of articles with proper descriptions of company's principles and history and blog and wiki-section.


We needed to keep the current structure if the website, but the old design needed to be changed significantly.

  1. The color scheme was totally changed: instead of black and red colors we used soft blue shades and dark-blue blocks for making contrast.
  2. Owners of the website updated all photo materials for jewelries, they replaced all previous images with new ones with better quality.
  3. The new design must be responsive for looking good on any mobile device.

We started with the homepage.

Our main goals were

  • getting rid of large amount of text. The previous version had too much text information, and reading too small white letters on the dark background was tiring for users’ eyes. Our customer provided necessary information for the homepage.
  • using light color scheme instead of dark. We significantly changed the whole design with replacing dark colors and fire elements to soft shades of blue color. Stones and metals looks nice on light-blue background. Deep dark-blue elements are used for focusing on the main features. One of them is Ring/Earring Builder block which collects information about chosen gem and ring/earring design. Using the Builder you can enquire about an item or buy it. 


The second important feature is Watchlist, watched items are listed here. In the previous design this block had an increased height, but in the new version we used a slider inside the block.

Also we provided small illustrations for other important features. We used trick for a few recent pages also. This way user could orient quickly.

Diamond Search became more convenient. We kept all search parameters from the previous design, but improved it visually. Pages with catalogs of rings and earrings became more convenient too.


Page of each jewelry item became less complicated. Using tabs under the main image user can view an item from all sides. Here is a detailed information about an item at the right. After exploring this info user can purchase an item or choose another gem, using links at the bottom.

So, that's a short description of our work on redesigning Jogia Diamonds. We and our customer have done a lot of work, and work process is still not finished. The website is updating the huge base of images to appear in all its splendor. We hope that very soon you can check all our efforts on making this website better.