"Do 16-ti" is the Children's Medical Center located in Omsk, Russia. More than 10 years the clinic has been providing children with high-quality medical services. And it's a honor for us to work with the clinic, which has set itself the mission to cultivate a healthy generation.

The main visitors of website are parents who want to get the latest information about the clinic, doctors, prices and services. Because of this, website should be simple, user-friendly and understandable for users who are not familiar with computer and the Internet.

More than that, website contains several other features:

  • Make an appointment to doctor online
  • View tests results online
  • View history of medical visits

Make an appointment to doctor online

This is the main feature of the website. Each registered user can make an appointment to a doctor online. The aim was to provide an easy and simple interface for it. We decided to create a multi step form which consists of three steps.

  • firstly, user should select the department
  • secondly, the user selects a doctor, a clinic and a convenient time for the visit. It's possible to have a look at the doctor's schedule up to 2 weeks ahead
  • lastly, user checks contact information and chooses the appointment type. User is also able to check the list of services and prices

Quite easy, isn't it? Moreover, the user can make an appointment with several doctors simultaneously.

Personal account

This is another important part of the website. Here user is able to:

  • Add and edit personal information
  • Add and edit information about his/her children
  • View tests results online. Don't worry about the privacy. All tests results are private and protected. Every user can view only his/her children’s tests
  • View the history of medical visits
  • Check the discount card balance
  • Subscribe to newsletter

Improvements in design

Our designers worked hard to design and improve all important parts of the website. It was quite important to design user-friendly UI for booking appointment online feature in order to make it easy to use even for unexperienced users.

Regularly our designers create bright and attractive graphics which needs to be fitted in the website’s design. Usually we design slides for the carousel on the main page, animated banners and e-mail templates for centre’s clients.

Slides for the carousel are thematic, they reflect each season of the year and it’s pleasures. Handdrawn illustrations and funny phrases about kids provide warm feelings. That attracts attention and bring a smile to visitors’ faces.

Also we often design e-mail campagnies for the medical centre. Clinic informs parents about discounts and new procedures and congratulates with national holidays. Each e-mail template is unique, it provides general website’s look and feel and reflects mail’s content.