Multipurpose Corporate Profile

Multipurpose corporate profile including plenty of blocks, a portfolio page, blog page and typography page

Multipurpose corporate profile is a modern profile by ADCI Solutions that could be used for different needs. For example, professional business and corporate sites, portfolios, events promotions and more. 

The profile includes plenty of blocks, a nice portfolio page, blog page and typography page.

Multipurpose corporate theme that is used in the profile is fully responsive and looks attracite from any device: cell, tablet or desktop. This profile is very easy to install and use, you can try it right now following the instructions below. 

View Multipurpose Corporate Profile Live Demo


  • Installation of profile may take some time. If you get the “Maximum execution time...” error, need to increase the max_execution_time parameter in php.ini file.
  • There is the “Photos” block that’s included in the multipurpose corporate profile (take a look at the website footer and sidebar). You can change Instagram ID on “admin/config/services/instagram_block” page. 
  • We use Disqus for comments on website. Need to change disqus website shortname on “ admin/config/services/disqus” page.

To install the profile:

  • Unzip the folder and copy it to necessary folder of your server.
  • Install your new website with the multipurpose corporate profile. It’s set by default, you just need to click the “Save and continue” button and follow the instructions.
  • Wait for the multipurpose corporate profile to be installed, enable the necessary modules and enjoy your website.

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Artyom Guryanov

Front-end Developer

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