If people love original decoration, this site can help them to:

  • access thousands of works with remarkable simplicity;
  • easily search creations with various filters and parameters;
  • like and follow favorite creations.

For artists site can help to:

  • upload an unlimited number of creations;
  • choose the price, after all, it's your work;
  • show their works to the audience of 12 million members;
  • fill in profile, create galleries and be followed by fans;

If people want to create a chart all that they need is to:

  • download picture;
  • choose the format and the support;
  • enjoy the same print quality as our artists'.


My-art.com is running under 2 dedicated servers on nginx + php-fpm + memcache, Drupal 7 + Ubercart. Another server contains MySQL database. Site is having more than 800 000 page views in a month.

Our team have created a simple and a very convenient web site. This site is simple in design and has an interesting and unusual site functionality: 

Creation and products


My-art.com is based on Ubercart 7.x. Uploaded images can be sold as different supports and formats products. There are 60 possible product variations for a single design. So a customer can choose type, format and size of creation he needs. An additional artist interface was made to control design formats and set custom prices, because artists earn money on each sale.

For better understanding of image look and dimensions several image situations were made. Matherials are different, so we also generate pseudo 3D image to show the selected creation from different corners and make the right choise.


All transformed images including 3D style are rendered with ImageMagick library and custom process rules.


While the site was growing and designs acquired multiple products, our search based on MySQL queries was becoming slow and was causing heavy db load. So we decided to use Apache Solr as site search engine.


My-art search filters allow user to easily find creations he needs from more than 40 000 items. We implemented 7 various filters to make it possible: a full-text search by keyword, themes, styles, types, formats and sizes filters and a color search. There are 5 different types. Document oriented Solr engine was very usefull for us, because one design in fact could have up to 60 product variations and summary info aggregation allow us to implement all such filters.
 Find romantic pink flowers now much more easier!
Color search. We faced the problem of relevant search with search by colors. Users were able to select colors manually by selecting preferred checkboxes. But in that case creation could appear at the top of "yellow" search results with actually not more than 1% of yellow on it. That’s why we implemented custom color analysis function on design index. The main idea is to look into image colors and divide them into our color ranges. This approach helps to provide search by amount of color on the image.

One more variation of search - Trends. As far as the number of creations is constantly increasing, it’s more difficult to find and choose the creation of a dream. With the help of customers we have implemented 28 trends selections by themes. It’s like staff picks with high quality and best looking creations. My-art is cooperating with a TV Show, so we also have a timeline with creations from the shows. Did you see a paint on TV and want to order the same? Welcome to M6 Deco section and order it! Easy enough!

Recently we've changed search appearance by modifing form and adding AJAX results loading. Now a customer can add a filter parameter and immediatelly see results counter and continue selecting criteria or directly apply it withot page reloading. History js plugin allowed us to change browser url state, so share search link will show the same search results.


Analytics and newsletters

In addition to Google Analytics integration My-art has its internal permanently developing powerful analytics system. This made possible to track each anonimous user and register his views, visits, and returns.
Each user subscribed to newsletters gets personal recommendations depending on his preferences, which are defined by internal analysis. We believe that Newsletters should have good design, but some old mail clients have a lot of restrictions to html and css elements. So we render some image overlays directly to image and send them as one picture. Thanks to ImageMagick again ;)

Tracking anonimous users could be a pain for full pages caching. We decided to divide all dynamic data to additional lightweight ajax request, which allows to maintain fully cached pages and keep server resources.

Artist Accounts and billing


Each user can become an artist and sell his creations on my-art. We provide an unlimited art and collections uploads. That's why artists can have their own my-art community profile with personal info, galleries, collections. On the backstage we provide artists with detailed information about all their sales, designs/collections management and stats features. This means that site system should keep balances, payment info, sales history and of course generate nice PDF reports :)

Live view situations

One more new feature ready to go online on the site - is a module which allows customers to upload their own wall photo see how it will look in his interior. Sharing with others my-art visitors creates a great collection of customers situations and helps to find art that will really fit best.

The main idea of this resource is to provide a platform for artists - painters, photographers or ordinary users - to upload their artwork and sell it to website visitors in the form of paintings. These pictures are produced by the factory in cooperation with the site.

In conclusion we want to tell that we are really glad to work with My-art managment. Thanks for productive work, interesting tasks and ideas. We believe that together we can make this World more beautiful.

Have any specific questions about some features, modules and implementations? Welcome to comments! Thanks for reading.