New Year card is probably the most hard and significant design task of the year. It’s almost the same design challenge as creating a really cool T-shirt print. A New Year card should not be too simple and too sophisticated in the same time.

It has to express all the kindness and warmth of this holiday and on the other hand it should not be too sweet and look boring. So we decided to start with such a component as simplicity. We were focused on the most popular New Year and Christmas symbols and things that are strongly associated with those holidays. We created several versions of those symbols combinations with text and different colours and chose the most clear one.

But this year we decided not to limit ourselves only by the paper card. So the card will include QR-coded link to the page with the game. Help Santa to gather all his deers and get super acceleration.

As the result this game represents some kind of fun, magic and childish sense of the New Year's eve.
We hope that we managed this special task as we bethought it to be and we hope you will enjoy it!