Our aim was to make up a modern, high-tech but simple site with minimum functionality and great technological look. So this is a one-page site which is navigated either by scrolling or by clicking the anchors on the top bar. 



Open Drives works with the latest technologies, so we also used up to date web technologies as CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript to realize the aims and objectives which were mostly front-end.

The website is divided into several sections. Most of them are informative, but some of them are a parallax background sections showing the latest and worth noticing project the company worked on.

There are also two sections with beautifully made graphics which begin to act as you scroll. These effects help to present necessary information in a creative form and focus users’ attention on it. These sections use wonderfull superscrollorama, the jQuery plugin for supercool scroll animation.


Projects block is a fully CSS3 block. Every single detail here is made with CSS3, including the hover animation. 


In conclusion

We tried our best to make this website look great and modern. We couldn’t do less as OpenDrives company clients are such giants as 21 Century Fox, YouTube, Netflix, Regency, DreamWorks Studios and many others. Enjoy the Opendrives website like you enjoy their films.