Drupal development and design for a jewelry manufacturer

About the client

Reko Enterprises is a jewelry manufacturer which has 2000 different kinds of jewelry in the catalog. As REKO was not satisfied with its latest site design and construction, they decided to make the site more beautiful, user friendly and responsive. And we realized all of the wishes!


Project goals 

Jewelry is highly specific goods with an enormous amount of variations of stones, metals and other characteristics. The main goal was to implement a search system and make its interface as easy to use as possible.

Development process

Each article has quite a long list of characteristics which are very important for jewelers. That’s why we implemented the system based on facet filters using Facet API and Search API. It makes a catalog search very convenient not only for professional jeweler but also for average customers like you and me. In order to make the search faster we used a very powerful engine called Search API which gives great performance results.

There are two types of users: dealers of REKO company (registered users) and retail customers (anonymous). Dealers have personal accounts where they can see all the necessary info about their orders. Also, the dealers see the dealer’s prices which differ from prices for the retail customers.


We used the most flexible and awesome e-commerce engine - Drupal Commerce, which allows implementing any idea of the store owner. We implemented two types of a checkout mechanism for the dealers and the retail customers. The view of the checkout depends on a user’s role, for example, the dealers see more fields than the retailers and some other differences.


Site is fully responsive, it looks beautiful on any type of device: phone, tablet and desktop, of course.



There is the powerful search system on the Reko website now. It makes life easier for professional jewelers as well as for typical buyers with no deep knowledge of jewelry.

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