Russian Impressionism Museum

Website design, mobile version, and development for the Russian Impressionism Museum’s exhibition

About the client

Russian Impressionism Museum is a Moscow-based (Russia) museum that takes care of introducing talented Russian impressionists to a wide audience. Located in the center of the huge modern city, the museum stores the works of Korovin, Grabar, Yuon, Konchalovsky, and Pimenov, Kustodiev, and Serov - just google these artists to fall in love inevitably.

Project goals

The museum prepared a new exhibition “A place in the sun” and its scale and importance required a separate landing page. The main business goal was to lead a user to purchase a ticket. 

UX/UI Design 

The landing page tells a consistent story: users are being told about the exhibition in general and about the artists in particular, then the story becomes more personal and down-to-earth: there’s the Instagram feed inserted, the content is being pulled by the particular hashtags. This block is followed by the quiz block and the funnel narrows down as the website involves each user that scrolled until this feature. By the way, the quiz results could be shared on Facebook and Vkontakte (Russian social network like Facebook). That increases the audience reach very much.

“5 reasons to visit Russian Impressionism Museum” block wraps up the story and offers to buy the tickets with a discount. 

When it comes to the business goal that we mentioned before - purchasing a ticket, there are 3 CTA (call-to-action) buttons placed. The first one is pretty straightforward - it is in the hero image above the fold. The second one follows the artists’ description block. The third one awaits for you in the end.

There was the A/B testing held before implementing the buttons: those 3 were clicked the most often, thus, they took place on the existing website. 

We do encourage you to test your website too. Start with simple analytics and increase sales.

A place in the sun

"A place in the sun" designs

Web development

The website was developed with Drupal 8 which is perfect for this kind of websites: as the content blocks are rather typical ones - a big background video, a content block with pictures - they hardly ever require custom coding and can be realized with ready-made Drupal solutions.

Now let’s move on to the more complicated technical solutions. As for the block with photos pulled from Instagram by hashtags, we developed a special custom Drupal module for it. The engaging quiz was developed on the front-end side only: this is rather time-saving practice.

Choose Drupal when you’re tight on time and still looking for magic to make your high requirements come true.

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