Let us tell you a little bit about the project itself. The Tamerici complex is a set of apartments and offices situated in a beautiful place. It is surrounded with lush gardens and beautiful parks, graceful splendour of classical architecture, mineral springs decorated with intricate fountains. It consists of two parts: PALAZZO MODERNE and PALAZZO STORICO.

PALAZZO MODERNE consist of 2 apartments with large terraces and private gardens in modern style. They are located on two levels.

PALAZZO STORICO is freshly restored historic part of the building dating back to the first decade of the twentieth century. Project belongs to one of the famous architecture artists of our time – Giulio Bernardini. 1 office and 7 apartments in the classic style with exclusive interiors from Italian designers located In this part of the building.

Our first goal was to create an overall style for the website. It was decided to place a background photo creating the mood of the place - classical italian resort atmosphere. Not to make it look too classic we added modern and simple fixed sidebar that is present on all of the pages.

After the overall design was confirmed we started working on the logo. There were two concepts of what the logo would be based on. First was to use the noticeable buildings and the peculiarities of the Montecatini Terme area. The second was to use the tamerici flower as a symbol.

The idea to use a flower met a favourable reception so the second concept was chosen. Silhouette logo was the best match to the existing site design and we presented several variants with different fonts.

The website consists of the several pages describing the project, its location, contacts, and pages for apartments. Users can see the floor plans as well as the apartments plans and inquire the apartment price using the contact form. The website is multilingual: it has English, Russian and Italian languages.


The project turned out to be very nice looking. Visiting the site leaves a pleasant impression, look and feel it by yourself.