1. Introduction

Do you seriously think of learning English language, want to expand your vocabulary, repeat the spelling and grammar or you just have some free time and you don't know what to do - in this case, welcome to the site! As you may have guessed, this resource is designed to help you learn English and improve your skills. Different materials and interactive exercises, containing not just a "naked" theory, but also a variety of audio and video files which simplify and make more interesting and effective language learning process.

2. Site structure


All materials posted on the site are divided into five main categories: Reading, Writing, Listening, Vocabulary and Advanced. Each material, except for the words in the section Vocabulary, is a separate topic. Here are a few examples of topics: music, movies, fashion, cars, business, traveling, etc. Each topic has its own easily recognizable picture as a preview on the category page. So you can easily select a topic that interests you and begin to study it.


2.1. Reading

Cramming of English words is unproductive. It's better to learn the words in relation to the topics, or even better - in relation  to phrases and sentences. It will increase your vocabulary and allow the use of phrases in English sentences. Reading section contains exercises which are logically divided into three sections: words, phrases and sentences.
You can listen to every word, phrase or sentence by simply clicking on the icon with the gramophone. In addition to this you will be available to have a translation of each sentence in the selected topic.


2.2. Writing

To write in English properly you need to learn a few key rules: from the word order in a sentence and tense forms to the commas and numbers. This will allow to clearly articulate your thoughts and competently express them in written and spoken language.

To consolidate these skills the site offers two types of exercises - Type It and Drag It. In the exercises Type It you need to enter a correct option from a predefined set of words and phrases. System will notify you if you made a mistake while typing.


In the exercises Drag It it's necessary to formulate sentences from a known set of words by simply dragging them into certain positions. When you finish the formation of sentence, you'll also get notification about results of the current task.


2.3. Listening

Perception of language by ear is an important component of the educational process. Listening together with reading is a convenient way to learn new words, phrases and sentences. Listen to English speech and learn a new lexis in the subtitles.
Materials from the Listening section contain videos with subtitles. Subtitles are divided in the sentences. You can see the translation of each sentence by simply clicking on the corresponding icon.


This section may also include exercises Type It and Drag It.

2.4. Vocabulary


In English there are a lot of universal words. They’re often used in speech and writing, regardless of the context. Knowledge of these words is the key to a comfortable communicating on any topic.

Vocabulary section contains an easy-to-use table containing such universal words. Table is divided into four columns on the presented types: nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Just click on the desired word, you can learn the translation and see an example of using it in a sentence.


2.5. Advanced

Number of Russianisms can be minimized. To do this, use the most stable expression and learn the rules of English grammar which we simply forget. Advanced section contains materials and exercises related to this topic. For example, here you can find recommendations of how to use commas in English sentences, how to write business emails, and also tips for auxiliary verbs usage.

3. Instead of a conclusion

TeachMeEnglish is regularly updated resource. We periodically add new materials and exercises to the site. In addition, we are constantly improving the functionality of the site making it more intuitive and easier to use. So if you like to learn English and you are looking for a simple, convenient, and most importantly, effective way to do it - welcome to!