Very flexible search system can help you to find anything you want: suppliers, members, contacts, products to buy/sell and even equipment manufacturers. It’s really easy! Our developers created simple and user-friendly interface for you!


Quick map search can help you to find preffered suppliers in about 100 miles away from your current location and see them on the map. So you can quickly choose the one you really need. It uses google maps API. All map data is taken from specialized google service and the suppliers are put here from site database using location module.


Of course, there is a forum system for those who need a quick professional solution of their problem. Just write a note and you’ll receive help as soon as possible!


Also there are different kinds of services to make you on top of all site searches, to put your advertisement on the site, publish your company news, events and even magazines. So you can be sure the community will be aware of you. You can also use the blog system to keep other members updated on what happens to you right now!


The database is always relevant as it gets updated every day. The data is taken and processed from external database source, converted to drupal objects and structures, so community members always get the most relevant and hot informartion about their bussiness!
The site is projected and developed with Drupal 7 CMS/CMF, which is well-known for its high and easy customization. And community members get new features almost every day! It’s a real, alive and growing community of bussiness people, united to rise their profit, share and help each other.

If you are a sucessful supplier, reseller or you’d like to be the one, you should join UnitedGroup community and it will get you to the next level!