WorkQ mentors

Mobile application development for online career consulting service

Business challenge

Our client was looking to connect seasoned professionals who can offer domain-specific advice and practical guidance and people who seek a career change or career advice. Not only the app should bring value to different kinds of users, but to a business owner as well.


We developed the application WorkQ mentors for iOS and Android platforms. With the help of this app, candidates can set up a video or audio conversation with mentors. The calls between mentors and candidates are billable.

We decided to create a serverless app and chose React Native for a user interface and Firebase for file storage. The designs were provided by the client. The benefits of using the serverless approach are the following:

  • no time spent on the virtual environment spinning up and the database set up
  • allocated time can be spent on the UX instead
  • easy deployment process and quick releases since a developer doesn’t have to push code to the server
  • overall this approach turns out to be cheaper because it requires less billable hours
Career development consulting application

Features and functionality:

  • Using Firebase as the database that helps make an app a real-time one (reactive)
  • Authentification via email simplifies the login process
  • Different Roles - mentors, candidates
  • Audio / Video calls via Zoom API
  • Calls booking (by date and time)

Social network features:

  • Befriending with mentors (adding to favorite)
  • Ask mentors questions and comment on them: a chat-like feature, but not in a real-time mode


As the outcome, we have two versions of the app that is ready to get promoted and win the market!


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