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About Us

Our clients are used to working with a reliable team that gives fair estimates, meets deadlines, and communicates transparently. Perhaps that is why they stay with us for many years.


Precise hourly estimates

During the first meeting, our Sales Manager fills out a project brief outlining your objectives, budget, and timeline. The Lead Developer reviews the technical documentation. Together, they estimate the number of hours it will take to complete the project.
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Designated team for your project

Your project team is always staffed and does not overlap with other projects. Our Team Leaders take on the role of Project Managers, so you don't have to distribute and control tasks on your own.

Detailed report every week

The Account Manager sends invoices and reports and allocates resources for your project according to the schedule and deadlines. You will always know how your project comes along, even without a deep dive.
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Professionally written code

Our developers take on only those tasks that fall within their stack. It allows them to advise clients on the best solutions in the field. The code will be understood by any team that might take over the project in the future.
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Meet our team

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Alexander Kuznetsov
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Denis Usov
Team Lead
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Evgeny Leonov
Team Lead
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Julia Gapunenko
Sales and marketing

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