drupal 9 upgrade

Drupal 9 to 10 Upgrade

With Composer and several useful modules, your Drupal 9 site can be upgraded to Drupal 10 as quickly as possible. Here we explain how to do this and save you time.

How to make a website without a CMS

The development of online stores and interactive online services based on CMS, frameworks, and other tools can be left to the care of web developers. If you need a simple landing page or an online business card, front-end developers will come to help.
Website audit check-list

How to Conduct a Website Audit: A Beginner's Guide

A website audit is a necessary checkup that shows what is lacking in terms of content, SEO, design, and usability. We composed a short website audit checklist so that you can conduct the audit on your own and improve website performance.
cms for higher education

Drupal Websites for Higher Education

Research of world-famous educational websites showed that Drupal is the best CMS for higher education. You will learn the tricks education websites use and how they attract young people's attention.

IPG Association

Content migration to a more relevant core and combination of two websites into one
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Why upgrade PHP

Upgrading PHP

Why upgrade PHP? For a non-technical person that’s a fair question as not always this topic is addressed. In this article, we’re going to discuss why upgrading software is a necessary part of website security and overall performance.
default drupal theme

Olivero Drupal Theme

For the first time in 11 years, the default front-end theme for Drupal core was changed. The new theme named Olivero is already available to Drupal 10 users. Here we are revealing the ideas behind this theme and its benefits.
Who stands behind cyberattacks, and why do they do that?

What you need to know about cyberattacks in 2023

Practice shows that cyber criminals have no boundaries and their guile leads to hundreds of millions in damage to businesses. What type of cyberattacks are most common and how can you protect your website from hacking and leaks? Read our post to learn.
React.js components

What are React.js Components?

React follows the principles of component-oriented programming that added the notion of component — a reusable part of code — to the developers’ vocabulary. The high speed of development on React the React is favored for is based exactly on the components.

Principles of back-end development for React applications

So, you have launched web application development and chosen React for the client side. What remains is the backend, that is, the part that nobody sees though it exists and has a pile of work to do. In this post we are going to discuss what conditions the back-end developers have to meet if they use React.

What is React?

For years React.js has been one of the most popular and efficient tools used for complex web interfaces development. In this post, we are going to tell you – briefly and almost without using any intricate concepts – about React, the way it appeared and the benefits it offers for a business and contractor’s team.