Designing Websites in 2023

The ADCI Solutions Design Department as well as invited experts are introducing new design trends that will be popular in 2023. Here, you can find their full essays and speeches.

How UX/UI design can help business

Digital experience captures more and more space in customer service. Speed and efficiency are the cornerstones of the customer experience, according to PwC, with 52% of consumers surveyed saying they would pay more for greater speed and efficiency

Web design trends 2019

The main feature of web design 2019 is that websites will combine two aspects: manufacturability and aesthetics. We identified 11 web design trends which you will meet in the current year’s sites.

Top Design Trends for 2017-2018

In 2017, we couldn't help but see how the design community promotes creative solutions in all areas of design. The big bang illustrations, substandard methods in branding, revolutions in the virtual technologies, and many other

Top free good-looking Drupal themes

Professional design is a half of website successful performance. Every text field, a button or a picture are placed purposefully. Observe a list of such designs and see what free Drupal themes are available for you right now