ADCI at HappyDev-lite 2016

We’re brilliant in finding the weekend IT-events, and that Sunday we encountered another one -  HappyDev-Lite, a place of empowerment for young developers and wannabes. The only requirement for the participants was not to have work experience at all. Obviously, those guys are living the dream.

All 300 students and 100 pupils were gathered at one track, where they were taught IT-basics: trends like human-robot relationship and their cohabitation, mobile apps. Then they proceeded to the programming languages, the science of choosing the technology to learn not in vain, testing and how to build great IT-career in Omsk.

Then it was our turn to set that whole place on fire - and oh yes - we did it in our way. Stand-up-like talk of our company, internships, and the online-competition and knocking down Flemeth made everyone aware of our presence.

A pic with our cosplay girl - and the HappyDev participant was enrolled in the online competition for the smart-bracelet and ADCI office excursion. 

The result - tons of pics with our cosplay girl made, almost a thousand stickers spread, 400 minds blown away.

Stay tuned, we got some more aces in the hole.

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ADCI Solutions at HappyDev-lite

Last Sunday on September 13 ADCI Solutions participated in the HappyDev-Lite, an IT conference for Omsk pupils and students, who are interested in IT and design