Best Blogger

Do you like when others share their knowledge and experience with you? Perfect! We are the ones who does it with pleasure.

How does it happen? In our team we make presentations, reports and write about something interesting on our site. There we talk about everything that happens in the professional life of the company. It's not graphomania. We don’t write for traffic, we write for the audience. We tell the story of our life and work. We are open-minded and work with the open source CMS Drupal.

It is noteworthy that everyone has his own style of blogging. Someone uses jokes to attract readers’ attention. Someone cares about the look of his blog and then our designer Lera Tkacheva helps with the pictures. Anyway we decided that the person who is inspired by work is worth to be generally recognized and made up a competition called ‘Best Blogger’. Every six months we choose 5-7 articles. The authors of these publications are contenders for the title of best blogger of the company.

When we choose a new best blogger the competitive spirit is in the air. Team members try not to simply share the news but to present them in the elegant and original form, be creative in presenting topics, and beautifully arrange them. By secret ballot we select the best author, like the King and Queen of the prom are chosen. In such moments the office evokes the atmosphere of the Olympic Games. Everybody curiously studies the materials of the participants and give their voice to the best of the best. No one knows who gets the title down to the wire.

This year we went a step further and made up a cup of the Best Blogger.

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