DrupalCon 2015 Contest

DrupalCon 2015 Contest

About a month ago our team took part in a competition organized by the Drupal Association. They were choosing a designer for future DrupalCon that is to be held in 2015 in Bogota, Colombia.

The winner will be fully responsible for the visual part of the conference beginning with the site and ending with print advertising. Despite the fact that we found the post with the terms of RFP three days before the deadline we decided to take a chance and take part!

The rules of the competition stated that the participants had to offer a splash-page and/or advertising on a double-page spread which would reflect the main idea and the design concept. Contestants had to focus on the specifics of the region and reflect all advantages and beauty of Colombia as a part of South America.

So the work began! Colombia is a beautiful country. It has much to be proud of and to show for guests from around the world. In the end, we selected a few iconic places in Bogota and began to build a design concept using their images. As befits a web development studio we started with a splash-page design and created a layout that combines the natural beauty of Colombia and the image of the famous statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

We decided to make the site in a "hand-drawn style" because DrupalCon it is not only business and educational event but also a place where you can meet like-minded people from around the world and have a good time. Stylized Drupliсon became one of the main elements. It was painted in patterns traditional for South America. We issued print advertising for the contest in the same style.

We spent the next week waiting for the results. The winner was to be chosen by a jury. But Drupal forum was open for discussion which featured all the entries and people could post their opinions. We are pleased that our work also earned the attention of some users.

And finally, the winner was chosen! His name is Filipe Riach (feliperiach). He is a resident of Bogota. Forum users also actively voted for his concept. We congratulate the winner and look forward to the realization of his ideas in the design of DrupalCon. We also found it very interesting to work out and implement our idea in the short term. This will undoubtedly improve our skills. In this post, you can see the results of our work.

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