DrupalCon Dublin: ADCI Solutions' experience

DrupalCon Dublin: ADCI Solutions' experience

It was a long challenging way through Russia and Moldova customs. Still, those flights were worth it. 

The opening was, as usual, followed by Dries Buytaert's keynote: the DrupalCon guests learned what to expect from Drupal 8.2 and a little bit about two types of love :) The Drupal Community keeps fostering Drupal, so the version 8.2 will have block placement improvements, interface design changes and migration modules upgrades.

As you know, we were honored to be a design partner of DrupalCon Europe. Two Cons in a row an overall conference's design and the design of all swag items, handouts, etc. were ours. Lera had done everything and even a little bit more to create those fantastic splash-pages, stuff design, print collaterals - and her efforts were truly acknowledged. Hand-written notes from Amanda and Tim - Drupal Association members who guided Lera through the whole design process - are especially memorable and precious. Both of them are in the gallery below.

DrupalCon Dublin
DrupalCon Dublin

Though the conference was nothing like "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", Lera and Artyom visited many Dublin's places of interest: a lighthouse, steep Ireland cliffs, joyful Dublin's bars including the Porterhouse with live music and Stags Head Pub with its Ukulele Tuesday. And Google! Google's office in Dublin is another thing to remember. 

ADCI Solutions has definitely left good vibes in Dublin in general and at DrupalCon in particular: we presented the Wacom pen tablet to the lottery winner Pouilas Pinkevicius, we've introduced our Drupal team and for sure have made new friends. 

Lera and Artyom are on their European journey right now and we're keeping an eye on them. Waiting for them to finally come back and tell us e-very-thing.

But that's another story ;)

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