New stickers

In early summer ADCI Solutions refreshed its corporate identity and produced bright stickers for laptops and cars. We assumed that our classic logo will be taken as the basis. But decided to make it more lively and cheerful. Our designer Lera started to imagine what our logo is associated with. It had to be something round and recognizable.

That’s how we got donuts. They are universally recognized as a symbol of joy. Think of how often heroes of the movies bring donuts for their friends and colleagues in the morning. We also want people to be happy looking at our donuts especially because they do not have a single calorie.

Looking at the logo again, we saw that if we added tentacles to it, we’d get a new character - an octopus. We do not know exactly what it could mean, but it looks very pretty.

We give the stickers to our friends, partners, and students when we tell how to work with Drupal. One of the donuts already settled in Austin in the BigTuna company office and several octopuses were shipped to Szeged where the Drupal Developers Days recently took place.

The second kind of stickers was released for cars. They are larger and protected from the environment by means of lamination. In any weather, the picture remains bright and will be visible from afar. Now, wherever we are you always recognize us in a large traffic.

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